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Operating Systems: An Introduction - R. Garg, G. Verma

Download Free PDF/EPUB Operating Systems: An Introduction by R. Garg, G. Verma

Designed as a “teach-yourself” text, the book provides a step-by-step approach to clarify all of the key concepts, architectures, and components of operating systems. The book covers all of the topics from the basics to the latest mobile devices, and features key operating systems e.g., Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows 10. This book would be very useful not only as an introductory text for undergraduate students of computer science, but also for those professionals who need to review modern operating systems.

Table of Contents:  [342 Pág.]

  1. Operating Systems: Overview
  2. Operating System Architecture
  3. Process Overview
  4. Threads
  5. CPU Scheduling
  6. Process Synchronization
  7. Deadlocks
  8. Main Memory Management
  9. Virtual Memory
  10. File Systems
  11. I/O Systems
  12. Disk Management
  13. Characterization of a Distributed System
  14. Linux
  15. Mobile Operating Systems
  16. Windows 10


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