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Theory and Problems of Basic Electrical Engineering - Schaum's Outline Series

Download Free DJVU Schaum's Outline of Basic Electrical Engineering by Jimmie J. Cathey, Syed A. Nasar
Students will quickly understand the popularity of this helpful sourcebook--the first edition sold 46,000 copies! The chief emphasis is on solving realistic problems, hundreds of which are included with detailed solutions. This popular study guide concisely yet clearly covers all the areas taught in two-semester survey courses and serves as an ideal review for electrical engineers and others looking for high ratings on the Professional Engineer's Examination.

Table of Contents: [305 Pág.]

  • Chapter 1 Definitions And Basic Concepts 
  • Chapter 2 Circuit Elements And Laws 
  • Chapter 3 Analysis Of Resistive Circuits 
  • Chapter 4 Transients In Dc Circuits 
  • Chapter 5 Ac Circuits Under Steady State 
  • Chapter 6 Special Forcing Functions And Laplace Transforms 
  • Chapter 7 Diodes 
  • Chapter 8 Bipolar Junction Transistors 
  • Chapter 9 Field-Effect Transistors 
  • Chapter 10 Operational Amplifiers 
  • Chapter 11 Electron Tubes: The Vacuum Triode 
  • Chapter 12 Magnetic Circuits 
  • Chapter 13 Transformers 
  • Chapter 14 Electromechanics And Electric Machines 
  • Chapter 15 Concepts Of Control. Transfer Functions 
  • Chapter 16 Block Diagrams And Signal Flow Graphs 
  • Chapter 17 Control Criteria And Response


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