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Programming Essentials Using Java - William McAllister & S. Jane Fritz

Download Free PDF/EPUB Programming Essentials Using Java: A Game Application Approach by William McAllister and S. Jane Fritz

This is a one-semester, introductory programming textbook in Java that uses game applications as a central pedagogical tool to improve student engagement, learning outcomes, and retention. Game programming is incorporated into the text in a way that does not compromise the amount of material traditionally covered in a basic programming course and permits instructors who are not familiar with game programming and computer graphics concepts to realize the verified pedagogical advantages of game applications. 

The companion disc includes a game environment that is easily integrated into projects created with the popular Java Development Environments, including Eclipse, NetBeans, and JCreator in a student-friendly way and also includes a set of executable student games to peak their interest by giving them a glimpse into their future capabilities. The material presented in the book is in full compliance with the 2013 ACM/IEEE computer science curriculum guidelines. It has been used to teach programming to students whose majors are within and outside of the computing fields. Ancillaries include a comprehensive instructor’s resource disc with programming solutions, slides, quizzes, projects, and more.

Table of Contents:  [574 Pág.]

  1. Introduction
  2. Variables, Input / Output and Calculations
  3. Methods, Classes, and Objects: A First Look
  4. Boolean Expressions, Making Decisions, and Disk Input and Output
  5. Repeating Statements: Loops
  6. Arrays
  7. Methods, Classes, and Objects: A Second Look
  8. Inheritance 9. Recursion 10. The API Collections Framework


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