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Introducing Linux Distros - Jose Dieguez Castro

The first barrier that a new Linux user has to face is the overwhelming number of “flavors” that this operating system has. These “flavors” are commonly known as distros (from distribution), and to date there are more than three hundred active distros to choose from. So, how to choose one? You can choose the most popular at the moment, or take heed of what your friend says, but are you sure that this is the one that you need? Making the wrong decision on this matter is behind a good number of disappointments with this operating system. You need to choose the distro that is right for you and your needs. Introducing Linux Distros teaches you the pros and the cons of the most frequently used distros in order to find the one that is right for you. 

Usted tiene que elegir la distribución que es adecuado para usted y sus necesidades. La introducción de distribuciones de Linux le enseña los pros y los contras de las distribuciones utilizadas con mayor frecuencia con el fin de encontrar el uno que sea adecuado para usted.

You will explore each distro step by step, so that you don’t have to endure hours of web surfing, countless downloads, becoming confused by new concepts and, in the worst cases, reading complex and marathon installation guides. You will benefit from the author’s long-term experience working with each distro hands on, enabling you to choose the best distro for your long-term needs. Linux offers us a wonderful open source alternative to proprietary software, and using Introducing Linux Distros you can decide how to best make it work for you. Start exploring the open source world today. What you’ll learn

Table of Contents: [386 Pág.]
  • Part 1. Linux Distros
  • 1: Deconstructing a Linux Distro
  • 2: Linux Distro Selection Criteria
  • 3: The Linux Distro Family Tree
  • Part 2. General-Purpose Distros
  • 4: Ubuntu
  • 5: Fedora
  • 6: Debian
  • 7: openSUSE
  • 8: Mint
  • 9: Mageia
  • 10: elementary OS
  • 11: Arch Linux
  • 12: Gentoo
  • 13: Slackware
  • 14: NixOS
  • 15: Other Alternatives
  • Part 3. Task-Oriented Distros
  • 16: Task-Oriented Distros

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