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Python Programming eBooks [Collection 2015]

Python was conceived in the late 1980s and its implementation was started in December 1989 by Guido van Rossum at CWI in the Netherlands as a successor to the ABC language capable of exception handling and interfacing with the Amoeba operating system. Van Rossum is Python's principal author, and his continuing central role in deciding the direction of Python is reflected in the title given to him by the Python community, Benevolent Dictator for Life (BDFL).

Python 2.0 was released on 16 October 2000, with many major new features including a full garbage collector and support for Unicode. However, the most important change was to the development process itself, with a shift to a more transparent and community-backed process.

Python 3.0 (also called Python 3000 or py3k), a major, backwards-incompatible release, was released on 3 December 2008 after a long period of testing. Many of its major features have been back-ported to the backwards-compatible Python 2.6 and 2.7.

Table of Contents:
  • Addison-Wesley Effective Python, 59 Specific Ways to Write Better Python (2015).pdf
  • Addison-Wesley Learn Python the Hard Way, A Very Simple Introduction to the Terrifyingly Beautiful World of Computers and Code 3rd (2014).pdf
  • Addison-Wesley Python in Practice, Create Better Programs Using Concurrency Libraries and Patterns (2013).epub
  • Addison-Wesley The Practice of Computing Using Python 2nd (2013).pdf
  • Apress Beginning Python Visualization 2nd (2014).pdf
  • Apress Foundations of Python Network Programming 3rd (2014).epub
  • Apress Foundations of Python Network Programming 3rd (2014).pdf
  • Apress Learn Raspberry Pi Programming with Python (2014).pdf
  • Apress Pro Python 2nd (2014).epub
  • Apress Pro Python 2nd (2014).pdf
  • Apress Pro Python System Administration 2nd (2014).epub Apress Pro Python System Administration 2nd (2014).pdf
  • ....↓ http://paste2.org/CYwBEXFA

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