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The "C" Language is currently one of the most widely used programming languages. Designed as a tool for creating operating systems (with its help the first Unix systems were constructed) it quickly proved that it is suitable wherever you need high performance, speed, compactness and portability. Despite the fact that shortly after its release it was followed by a worthy descendant, the C + + language, it did not lose its importance and it still remains an essential tool for developers and designers in many applications. Wherever a code strongly associated with the operations of equipment is created, the C language proves its flexibility and adaptability. Network cards drivers, graphics cards software, operating systems, microcontrollers, which can be found everywhere around you, on your desk and in your car, in the kitchen and in the garage, simply – everywhere where intelligent electronics works – you are sure to find the effects of work of programmers who write in "C". The heart of Linux is nearly 15 million lines of code in "C". What better proof of the language’s longevity.

Table of Contents: [45 PDF]
  • Addison-Wesley C++ Primer Plus, 6th Edition 2011
  • Addison-Wesley C++ Primer, 5th Edition.pdf
  • Addison-Wesley The C++ Programming Language 4th Editi.pdf
  • Addison-Wesley The C++ Standard Library, 2nd Edition.pdf
  • Apress Beginning C, 5th Edition 2013.epub
  • Apress Beginning C, 5th Edition 2013.pdf
  • Apress Cryptography in C and C++ 2001.chm
  • C Language Reference Manual, 5th Edition.pdf
  • Course Technology An Introduction to Programming With C++, 6th Edition D Zak 2011.pdf
  • Course Technology Beginning C++ Through Game Programming, 3rd Edition 2011.pdf
  • Course Technology C Programming for the Absolute Beginner, 2nd Edition 2008.pdf
  • Course Technology C++ Programming From Problem Analysis to Program Design, 5th Edition D S Malik.pdf
  • Course Technology C++ Programming From Problem Analysis to Program Design, 6th Edition D S Malik.pdf
  • Course Technology C++ Programming Program Design Including Data Structures, 6th Edition D S Malik.pdf
  • Deitel C How To Program, 6th Edition 2010.pdf
  • Deitel C++ How to Program, 8th Edition 2012.pdf
  • Expert C Programming Deep C Secrets.pdf
  • Jumping Into C++ Alex Allain.pdf
  • McGraw-Hill C The Complete Reference, 4th Edition 2000.pdf
  • McGraw-Hill C++ A Beginners Guide, 2nd Edition Herbert Schildt 2003
  • McGraw-Hill C++ Demystified A Self-Teaching Guide 2004.chm
  • McGraw-Hill C++ The Complete Reference, 4th Edition 2003.pdf
  • McGraw-Hill Herb Schildts C++ Programming Cookbook 2008.pdf
  • McGraw-Hill The Art Of C++ Herb Schildts 2004.chm
  • O'Reilly C++ Cookbook 2005.chm
  • O'Reilly Mastering Algorithms with C 1999.pdf
  • O'Reilly Practical C Programming 3rd Edition 1997.pdf
  • O'Reilly Programming Embedded Systems in C and C++ 1999.pdf
  • Packt Publishing Boost Asio C++ Network Programming 2013.pdf
  • Pearson Absolute C++, 5th Edition Walter Savitch.pdf
  • Pearson Problem Solving and Program Design in C, 7th Edition 2013.pdf
  • Pearson Problem Solving with C++, 7th Edition Walter Savitch 2009.pdf
  • Prentice-Hall C++ Without Fear A Beginners Guide, 2nd Edition 2011.pdf
  • Prentice-Hall Data Structures and Program Design in C++ 2000.pdf
  • Prentice-Hall The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition 1988.pdf
  • Que Publishing C++ by Example 1992.pdf
  • Sams Publishing Advanced C 1992.pdf
  • Sams Teach Yourself C in 21 Days, 6th Edition 2003.pdf
  • Sams Teach Yourself C in 24 Hours.pdf
  • Sams Teach Yourself C++ In One Hour A Day, 7th Edition 2011.pdf
  • Wiley Beginning Programming with C++ For Dummies 2010.pdf
  • Wiley C For Dummies 2004.pdf
  • Wiley C++ All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies, 2nd Edition 2009.pdf
  • Wiley C++ For Dummies, 6th Edition 2009.epub
  • Wiley C++ Timesaving Techniques for Dummies 2005.pdf

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