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XML Programming - Christopher Right

The Ultimate Guide to Fast, Easy, and Efficient Learning of XML Programming

XML Programming: The Ultimate Guide to Fast, Easy, and Efficient Learning of XML Programming (Operating system, Projects, XML Programming, DTD's, HTML5, javascript) Learn XML programming at ease. Learning eXtensible Markup Language is not foreign, anymore.

[ESP] El libro está diseñado para principiantes, a través de numerosos ejemplos en tiempo real y sencillos. Tal proceso de aprendizaje le ayudará en la evaluación de los usos de XML y le anime a utilizar de manera apropiada. 

The XML Programming book does not threaten you with ocean of information. Rather, it brings to you the essence of XML programming. This book covers only the essential topics, which helps the to try their hands on coding and exploring, rather than just reading and knowing. The book is designed for beginners, through numerous simple and real-time examples. Such a process of learning will help you in evaluating the uses of XML and will encourage you to use them appropriately. The tidbits added after discussing important topics will give you hints about things to remember. By the end of this book you will (1) be able to create your own XML document, (2) know what are the syntax and semantics of XML, (3) know when to use XML, (4) know what a Document Type Definition (DTD) is and how to use it, (5) know how to interpret an XML document and (6) know what HTML5 has in store. This book is structured with the following chapters: 1. What’s in a Markup language? 2. Why XML when there is HTML? 3. Show me the syntax and semantics 4. Document Type Definition 5. Get your hands dirty 6. Interpreting XML - XML Parsers 7. HTML5 - Why here?


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