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123 Robotics experiments for the evil genius - Myke Predko

123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius is a good starting point for anyone who is just interested in either electronics or robotics. The text provides 123 experiments that have been designed to introduce and educate the reader about the mechanism and the electronics required for building a robot.

This book shows how you can create simple robots and models using inexpensive materials and tools found around the house and workroom.

Table of Contents:
  • Section one. Introduction to robots
  • Section two. Robot structures
  • Section three. Basic electrical PCB
  • Section four. Magnetic devices
  • Section five. Drivetrains
  • Section six. Semiconductors
  • Section seven. Our friend, the 555 chip
  • Section eight. Optoelectronics
  • Section nine. Audio electronics
  • Section ten. Digital logic
  • Section eleven. Power suppliers
  • Section twelve. Sequential logic circuits
  • Section thirteen. Learning to program using the parallax Basic Stamp2
  • Section fourteen. Interfacing hardware to the BASIC Stamp 2
  • Section fifteen. Sensors
  • Section sixteen. Mobile robots
  • Section seventeen. Navigation

Download Link: [40.1 MB]
*Mega:        OPCION 1 | OPCION 2 | OPCION 3


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