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Precision Instrumentation Amplifiers and Read-Out Integrated Circuits - Rong Wu, Johan H. Huijsing & Kofi A. Makinwa

This book describes the use of power-efficient techniques to mitigate low frequency errors, resulting in interface electronics with high accuracy, low noise, and low drift. Since this book is mainly about techniques for eliminating low frequency errors, it describes the nature of these errors and the associated dynamic offset cancelation techniques used to mitigate them.

It then shows how these techniques can be applied to operational amplifiers. Then these techniques are extended to current-feedback instrumentation amplifiers (CFIAs) which are well suited for bridge readout. Since the main disadvantage of CFIAs is their limited gain accuracy, the available techniques to improve this are discussed, such as resistor-degeneration, dynamic element matching, etc. The advantages and disadvantages of each of these techniques are analyzed.

Table of Contents:   [198 Pag.]
  1. Introduction
  2. Dynamic Offset Cancellation Techniques for Operational Amplifiers
  3. Current-Feedback Instrumentation Amplifiers and Gain Accuracy Improvement Techniques
  4. A Chopper Instrumentation Amplifier with Offset Reduction Loop
  5. A Chopper Instrumentation Amplifier with Gain Error Reduction Loop
  6. Read-Out Integrated Circuits
  7. Conclusions
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