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DeMYSTiFied - Economics

With more than 850,000 copies sold, the Demystified series has been a huge success in the science, math, and computing categories. Now this bestselling series is expanding to cover new topics, including health and world languages. Organized as self-teaching guides, all Demystified titles come complete with key points, background information, end-of-chapter review questions, and even final exams.

Table of Contents:   [17 .pdf]
  • Business Calculus Demystified by Rhonda Huettenmueller (456 pages, 2006)
  • Business Math Demystified by Allan G. Bluman (409 pages, 2006)
  • Business Statistics Demystified by Steven M. Kemp and Sid Kemp (399 pages, 2004)
  • Corporate Finance Demystified by Jr. Troy A. Adair (289 pages, 2006)
  • Financial Accounting Demystified by Leonard Eugene Berry (321 pages, 2011)
  • Financial Statements Demystified by Bonita Kramer and Christie Johnson (305 pages, 2009)
  • Grant Writing DeMYSTiFied by Mary Ann Payne (2010)
  • Hedge Funds Demystified by Scott P. Frush (321 pages, 2008)
  • Human Resource Management Demystified by Robert G. DelCampo (243 pages, 2011)
  • Investing Demystified by Paul Lim (383 pages, 2005)
  • Marketing Demystified by Donna Anselmo (402 pages, 2010)
  • Microeconomics Demystified by Craig A. Depken (337 pages, 2006)
  • Options Demystified by Thomas McCafferty (271 pages, 2006)
  • Project Management Demystified by Sid Kemp (354 pages, 2004)
  • Public Speaking and Presentations Demystified by Melody Templeton (272 pages, 2010)
  • Quality Management Demystified by Sid Kemp (382 pages, 2006)
  • Real Estate Math Demystified by Steven P. Mooney (290 pages, 2007)
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