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Malware Centric E-book Collection [680 pdf]

Huge Books Collection include 683 titles about Malware

Books List:

1. 64-bit rugrats.pdf
2. A bit of viral protection is worth a megabyte of cure.pdf
3. Abstract Detection of Computer Viruses.pdf
4. Abstraction-Based Intrusion Detection In Distributed Environments.pdf
5. Abstracts of Recent Articles and Literature.pdf
6. A Bypass of Cohen's Impossibility Result.pdf
7. Accurately Detecting Source Code of Attacks That Increase Privilege.pdf
8. A Classification of Viruses through Recursion Theorems.pdf
9. A Comprehensive Program for Preventing and Detecting Computer Viruses Is Needed.pdf
10. A Computational Model of Computer Virus Propagation.pdf
11. A Computer Virus Is A Thought Manifested.pdf
12. A Cooperative Immunization System for an Untrusting Internet.pdf
13. ACPI and SMI handlers_ some limits to trusted computing.pdf
14. Acquisition of Malicious Code Using Active Learning.pdf
15. A Critical Look at the Regulation of Computer Viruses.pdf
16. Adequacy of Checksum Algorithms for Computer Virus Detection.pdf
17. A Distributed Approach against Computer Viruses Inspired by the Immune System.pdf
18. A Dozen Dangerous Myths About Computer Viruses.pdf
19. Advanced Code Evolution Techniques and Computer Virus Generator Kits.pdf
20. Advanced fuzzing in the VoIP space.pdf
21. Advanced Metamorphic Techniques in Computer Viruses.pdf
22. Advanced Polymorphic Techniques.pdf
23. Advanced Routing Worm and Its Security Challenges.pdf
24. A Failure to Learn from the Past.pdf
25. A Fast Static Analysis Approach To Detect Exploit Code Inside Network Flows.pdf
26. A fault tolerance approach to computer viruses.pdf
27. A Feature Selection and Evaluation Scheme for Computer Virus Detection.pdf
28. A Filter That Prevents the Spread of Mail-Attachment-Type Trojan Horse Computer Worms.pdf
29. A Formal Definition of Computer Worms and Some Related Results.pdf
30. A Framework for Deception.pdf



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