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Developing a Java Web Application in a Day - Luciano Manelli

Written By Anon6 on lunes, 7 de marzo de 2016 | 9:13

Step by step explanations with Eclipse Mars, Tomcat and MySQL

This is a condensed version of Chapter VI (Web Application with Java and Eclipse) from the book “Web Programming in Java” (Italian Edition – “Programmazione per il Web” – publisher ARACNE).

[ESP] Este libro ha sido escrito para los estudiantes como para el profesional, y que puede servir como punto de partida para cualquier persona que está empezando el estudio de la aplicación Web en Java.

This book has been written for students and for the professional, and it can serve as a starting point for anyone who is beginning the study of Web Application in Java for the first time. In the following text, Servlet, JSP, JavaBean and simple DAO are accurately analyzed and implemented in Java, with a clear project evolution: from the configuration of Eclipse Mars, JDK, MySQL and Tomcat to the execution and the testing on a browser and the creation of the final package for the distribution on other machines. Everything is integrated with explanations, java codes and screenshots to have a step by step evolution of the web application. Let us try to do this in a day!


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