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Power Java - Mark Watson

Written By Anon6 on martes, 23 de febrero de 2016 | 14:05

This is a practical "cook book style" book for writing Java 8 applications that features techniques for natural language processing, machine learning, network programming, linked data, and knowledge management. 

[ESP] Este es un libro práctico de Java 8 con aplicaciones de ejemplos. Los ejemplos de este libro son de código abierto y están disponibles en https://github.com/mark-watson/power-java

The examples for this book are open source. Please check out the examples at https://github.com/mark-watson/power-java before buying this book to make sure that the topics are of interest to you. The examples are:
  • Anomaly detection using the University of Wisconsin cancer data set. 
  • Deep Learning using the deeplearning4j library. I also use the University of Wisconsin cancer data set for this example. 
  • Network programming techniques like directory lookup and UDP multicast that can be useful for game development and Internet of Things applications. 
  • Utilities for dealing with Google Document and Microsoft Office 365 file formats. 
  • Linked Data examples using the DBPedia SPARQL endpoint. 
  • Machine Learning using the Apache Spark mllib library. 
  • Named Entity Recognition example that parses English language text and identifies entities like people and places as Wikipedia/DBPedia unique URIs. 
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) using the OpenNLP library. In addition to using pre-trained models, I include an example for training a maximum entropy model. 
  • Web scraping example using the JSoup library.

Download Link:  [4.7 MB]
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