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Excel 2016 Formulas and Functions - Paul McFedries

Written By Anon6 on jueves, 4 de febrero de 2016 | 9:51

Master core Excel 2016 tools for building powerful, reliable spreadsheets with Excel 2016 Formulas and Functions. Excel expert Paul McFedries shows how to use Excel 2016’s core features to solve problems and get the answers you need. Using real-world examples, McFedries helps you get the absolute most out of features and improvements ranging from AutoFill to Excel’s newest functions. Along the way, you discover the fastest, best ways to handle essential day-to-day tasks ranging from generating account numbers to projecting the impact of inflation.

[ESP] Convertirse en un experto de Excel nunca ha sido más fácil! Encontrará instrucciones comprensibles; percepciones de información privilegiada; incluso completos proyectos paso a paso para la tabla de tiempos de construcción, que proyectan el flujo de efectivo, cuentas por cobrar, análisis de defectos, y mucho más.
  • Quickly create powerful spreadsheets with range names and array formulas
  • Use conditional formatting to instantly reveal anomalies, problems, or opportunities
  • Analyze your data with standard tables and PivotTables
  • Use complex criteria to filter data in lists
  • Understand correlations between data
  • Perform sophisticated what-if analyses
  • Use regression to track trends and make forecasts
  • Build loan, investment, and discount formulas
  • Validate data, troubleshoot problems, and build more accurate, trustworthy spreadsheets
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  • Part I: Mastering Excel Ranges and Formulas
  • Part II: Harnessing the Power of Functions
  • Part III: Building Business Models
  • Part IV: Building Financial Formulas

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