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Puzzles for Programmers and Pros - Dennis Shasha

Aimed at both working programmers who are applying for a job where puzzles are an integral part of the interview, as well as techies who just love a good puzzle, this book offers a cache of exciting puzzles
  • Features a new series of puzzles, never before published, called elimination puzzles that have a pedagogical aim of helping the reader solve an entire class of Sudoku-like puzzles
  • Provides the tools to solve the puzzles by hand and computer
  • The first part of each chapter presents a puzzle; the second part shows readers how to solve several classes of puzzles algorithmically; the third part asks the reader to solve a mystery involving codes, puzzles, and geography
  • Comes with a unique bonus: if readers actually solve the mystery, they have a chance to win a prize, which will be promoted on wrox.com!
Table of Contents: [80 Pag.]
  • Introduction 
  • Part I - Mind Games
  • Competition-We Can’t All Be Winners. 
  • Design-Imagination Rules…
  • Chance-Getting On the Right Side of Luck 
  • Inference-What are You Thinking? 
  • Optimization-Doing More with Less 
  • Part II - The Secret of the Puzzle
  • The Puzzles 
  • Part III - Faithful Foes
  • Faithful Foes 
  • Index 
  • List of Figures 
  • List of Sidebars 
 Dennis Shasha, "Puzzles for Programmers and Pros"
English | 2007 | ISBN: 0470121688 | 240 pages | CHM | 5 MB

Download Link:   [6.0 MB]
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